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RamonaM. - curry

Double Bike Short

Price: 125,00 EUR
SALE price: 88,00 EUR
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The moisture and heat produced by physical activity provide a favorable climate for microbial growth resulting in unpleasant odors. Sanitized treated products lastingly suppress microbial growth and undesireable odor, contributing to the wearer‘s well-bei
All our shammys have bistretch properties - which means that they stretch in several directions and thus ensure an optimal wearing comfort.
Products carrying the “bluesign® approved fabric” label contain semifinished goods that were manufactured according to the bluesign® standart.Consumer safety:Bluesign stands for skin-friendly and low contaminant textiles.Sustainable production:Bluesign stands for innovative, resource-conserving and environmentally friendly productionHigh-tech and comfort:Bluesign stands for uncompromissing functionality and quality with «feel good guarantee»
The HD ERG is the pad for the rider who needs high technical bike wear. This pad offers maximum comfort on the long tracks. It is conceived with high density and multi level thickness foams to grant the best impact protection and weight distribution on the saddle. The central channel assures less pressure on the perineal area. The pad has shaped wings to improve the garment fitting and comfort. There are no superficial seams to avoid abrasions. This is with the new TRS foam with 5 mm perforation: innovative foam, perforated (5 mm holes) to improve ventilation and moisture management. Thanks to this foam, the pad is lighter, more transpiring, more elastic and comfortable. Coolmax is the fastest drying high-tech fabric. Coolmax pulls sweat away so you are dry, comfortable and ready for anything.
For our shammys we use exclusively bonded seams. This reduces every kind of friction on the skin which is often caused by stitched seams.
In sites where special liberty of action is needed stretch inserts are sewed in the clothing.
The pants can be fitted to the individual waist width by a regulationsystem.